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Carry-on Baggage

Regulations regarding the handling of carry-on baggage:

EGYPTAIR wishes to advise that due to restrictions introduced by Aviation authorities, certain items may not be permitted to be carried.

To avoid the inconvenience of having restricted items confiscated, it is important that certain items be packed in your checked baggage and not on your personal or in cabin baggage.

Regrettably, any items removed by airport screening services will not be able to be returned to you

Only certain liquids may be carried as hand luggage and they must be presented at security .

The new below rules take effect Friday , the 31st of January 2014 at all airports in the EU, as well as in Norway, Iceland and Switzerland until further notice. These rules apply to all liquids ,aerosols ,gels pastes, lotions , foams, creams, jams , liquid/solid mixtures and other items of similar consistency.

Carriage of liquids, aerosols, pastes and gels:

  • All liquids, aerosols, gels or pastes such as water, drinks, creams, perfumes, sprays, gels, toothpaste, lip gloss and mascaras must be in individual containers not greater than 100ml in volume
  • All containers must be carried in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag no larger than one liter (approximately 20cm x 20cm or 8 inches x 8 inches)
  • Only one bag is permitted per passenger
  • The plastic bag must be sealed and presented separately from all other carry-on baggage at the screening point
  • Liquids in containers of more than 100mls can be packed in your checked in baggage.

There are exemptions for personal medications, baby products and dietary supplements in liquid, paste, aerosol or gel form.


  • Duty free liquids purchased from any airport or airline may be carried as hand luggage .
  • Your duty free liquid and receipt must be sealed at the time of purchase inside a security bag with a red border
  • Don’t open the security bag until you arrive at your final destination
  • The security officer may need to open the security bag for screening. In case you have a connecting flight at another airport, please alert the security officer so your duty free liquids may be re-sealed in a new bag.

Preparing for your journey

Passengers are kindly asked to bear in mind the following advice to help make their passage through the airport as efficient and comfortable as possible:

Before you arrive at the airport:

  • Limit quantities to what you may need in the cabin for the duration of the flight
  • When possible, put liquids in your checked baggage.
  • Prepare your single re-sealable bag containing any liquids in containers of less than 100ml before arriving at the airport
  • Check any queries you have with your airport or airline before travelling to the airport
  • To help progress through security screening quicker, passengers are advised not to include items capable of containing liquids (e.g. bottles, flasks, tubes, cans, plastic containers etc.) in their cabin baggage

Medicines and baby food

  • Essential medicines and baby food may be permitted in larger quantities above the 100ml limit, please ensure you carry supporting documentation that shows the need for the medicines during the flight in case questioned.
  • Any baby milk, sterilized water or liquid food may be required to be tasted by the passenger to verify it's authentic. EGYPTAIR recommends this is arranged prior to check-in to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Any medication a customer may be carrying in their cabin baggage or on their person should have a professionally printed label identifying the medication or manufacturers name or pharmaceutical label affixed.
  • Diabetes related supplies/equipment may be carried including syringes, however they will be inspected to ensure prohibited items are not concealed.
  • Customers are advised to carry a letter from their Doctor verifying the need for any medical items to be carried, as some countries require such a letter to be presented.

At the airport

  • Present your liquids separately from other hand luggage for screening at security .
  • Exceptionally , security may open bottles or containers for screening.
  • Exceptionally and solely reasons, liquids may not be permitted.

Egyptian Airports

Passengers departing from and within Egyptian airports are kindly asked to adhere to the above-mentioned regulations, to equip themselves and present the plastic bag separately from hand luggage to ensure smooth check-in procedures. Plastic bags 20x20 cm, if possible before departing.

At the security point

  • Be ready to hand over your re-sealable bag of liquids for screening as you approach the security check point. It will be screened at the same time as your cabin luggage.
  • All coats and jackets must be removed ready to be screened and metal items including wallets will be placed in plastic trays and scanned separately.
  • If you are carrying a laptop or any other large electrical item within your cabin luggage then please have it ready for separate screening as you approach the security check.
  • Be aware that if travelling to the USA you will be subjected to secondary screening before boarding the aircraft

UK Airports

Passengers departing from/via UK airports are kindly asked to adhere to the above-mentioned regulations plus:

  • Musical instruments in their cases will be permitted in addition to 1 piece of cabin baggage.
  • Laptops are permitted which will be separately screened.
  • Pushchairs/walking aids/wheelchairs are permitted.
  • Cabin baggage will be permitted, provided it should be limited with these defined maximum dimensions: length 58 cm, width of 45 cm and depth of 25 cm (including wheels, handles, side pockets, etc) all passengers must be x-ray screened.

USA Airports

Passengers departing from /via USA airports are kindly asked to adhere to the above-mentioned regulations.

Items that may be carried on the plane in hand luggage:

  • A purse (money + credit cards)
  • Travel documents
  • Prescription medications (only those required for use on the flight)
  • Eyeglasses and sunglasses (without the case)
  • Contact lenses with a small amount of liquid (without the actual bottle for the liquid)
  • Equipment for babies: baby food, milk in a baby bottle, diapers, diaper cream
  • Products for personal hygiene: tissues, handkerchief, women's personal hygiene products
  • Keys, but not electronic keys
  • Laptop computer
  • Toothbrush
  • Hairbrush
  • Food: sandwich, fruit, vegetables and any product that is not liquid; pencils and non-liquid pens
  • Cigarettes without a lighter

*All of these items can be stored in the hold of the plane.

  • Wheelchairs and walking aids will also be x-rayed.
  • Please note: notwithstanding all of the aforementioned checks, other checks may be made at the boarding gates.
  • For duty free items purchased abroad by passengers arriving USA and connecting to a domestic flight, those passengers have to place those items (liquids/gels) in their checked baggage upon arrival and before their connecting flight, as the items will not be allowed to be carried onto their next connecting flight.
  • Passengers with continuation flights may purchase duty free products only if they leave the products in Cairo (tax exempt and stored).
  • Products that may not be taken on the plane cannot be purchased on the plane by passengers who have continuation flights.
  • There are no additional restrictions on products that are in luggage in the hold of the plane.

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